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(English) 「のミアの日記」川崎店 あなたのウェアハウスへ行った!

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 アメリカ英語 のみです。

Introducing Hong Kong’s food in Japan

Hello my lords it’s Neko Chan here again. I am going to introduce my most favourite Hong Kong food that I can found in Japan.

On Monday, I went to Eibisu to celebrate my Hong Kong’s friend birthday. We have eaten dim sum for lunch! It was really delicious and I wanted to go back to have some more again!

Among all of the dim sum, my most favourite one is called shrimp dumpling( ha cao), because I love seafood and shrimp especially. The shrimp inside matched with the steam coating perfectly, so I really love to eat it.

Actually Neko Chan is a foodie😋😋, and I really love eating various kind of food. Our cafe’s food is also very delicious, our lords can try our food next time! In this weekend, from Saturday and Sunday, it’s Ninja event in our cafe! Our lords please come to see us💕

Neko Chan( 猫ちゃん🐱)

Hello from Yokohama🌃

Hello again!

This Sunday I and Roxy went to Yokohama. It’s was amazing, very beautiful place! First we went to Cosmo World, cause I wanted to ride the “Vanish” roller coaster, (I love roller coasters😍).

Roxy was too scared, but for me it wasn’t scary at all :(, I need more extreme🤟🏻

Than we’ve been to Cup Noodles museum and made our own cup noodles, yay. We saw a giant cruise ship, that was looking like a Titanic near Red Brick Warehouse.

Roxy said that China town is a really great place, so we went there to eat something from Chinese cuisine. And she was right, that place was awesome, especially in the night time. Neon signs – that’s my passion🌃

I hope I’ll get there on Chinese New Year celebrations❤️


Whooooo! Alluka here 💕



you know, the good things living in sharehouse, my owner just own Shiba Inu! Whoever living in there can freely playing around with him 😆

I had a lot of dogs back in my country since I was breeder before. Isn’t that mean I’m a dog person? 🙊

ところで、I’m becoming more happier when I able to touch or pet a dog. It’s called stress relieve things especially when u can “steal” him for 1 or 2 hours and sleep together lolol *beware of me with no make up*

メチャ可愛いじゃん!この写真大切にしないといけないわー! 😍😍😍

And today is the last day of 着ぐるみ event which I decided to be the cutest Shiba Inu!

I would like to say Thank you so so much for my customer who always come for me, support me, give me お土産, and feel happy to talk with me.

本当にありがとうございます。メチャ感謝してますよー 😭

ありがとう ありがとう ありがとう!!


(English) My “waste of money” hobby =v=

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 アメリカ英語 のみです。

For Thanksgiving !!

一生懸命でThanksGiving について食べ物作ってる二人わー笑








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Alice explores the wonderful places of this Land (feat. Kikki)

Hello my beautiful Lords and Ladies!
It’s me Alice!

I had a really busy morning today because I had to pack my stuff for my trip with through Japan. I am really excited about it! We actually don’t really have a schedule for our trip but we have at least a list with stuff we want to do.

The trip will be awesome anyway!

Since I was a child I really love to travel. Reason for that are my parents. Both of them loves to travel. So they always took me with them. The countries I have been to are (besides Germany where I actually live): France, Italy, Spain, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, America, Philippines, Singapur, Dubai and Japan.

My biggest dream is to be at least at every continent!




そしてめちゃめちゃ上手い‎\( *´•ω•`*)/♡*。

Kikki the witch

Hello my Lords,

Kikki here (>°3°)>. Today I tell you about my name. I really like movies… especially Ghibli movies. In Germany I have a whole collection and of course I have various dvds from Ghibli eg. “Spirited away“, “Laputa“ and “Whisper of the heart“.

Some time ago I visited the Ghibli museum in Mitaka and it was awesome…though it was really crowded. I will go there again, because I couldn’t eat at the cafe. Everything was so mesmerizing [and full (»¬,¬)»] so I forgot about the opening time for it. 

So my dear Lords, now you know a little bit more about me and I’m really looking forwars to seeing you at ❤Sugoikawaii❤.

こんにちは〜 リリーですよ🖤

Hello there! It’s Lily!

This Friday I went to Disney Sea, it was my first time. And it was wonderful! The best day of my life! This place has a great fairy atmosphere, that makes you feel so comfortable and happy. And, of course, I love amusement parks, so I was searching for interesting attractions! Someone recommended me to go on “Trip to the Center of the Earth” so first of all I went there. I was waiting about 1,5 hours, so finally I was in the next group to ride, but suddenly music stopped and staff asked us to leave the attraction :(( but they gave everybody fast-pass tickets for free. So I went to Indiana Jones district, it was amazing! After that I visited Aladdin’s district and Mermaid’s cave, very beautiful places❤️ The last but one of the best was Hightower Hotel. I thought it’s gonna be like haunted house, and I waited 2 hours for it but I realised that it’s gonna be a free-fall attraction only when they told us a story about the owner of the hotel that died in an elevator. I like free-fall, but there were people that realised that only when we started to fall😂 it was like “wow, look what a beautiful vieeewww…”😂😂

I love that place, and I recommend you to visit it asap 💖💖

Sincerely yours, Lily 🖤

(English) 「のミアの日記」シナモンロールカフェへ行った!





猫ちゃんはネコカフェにいきました🐱When Neko Chan meets Neko in Neko cafe🐈

Hello my lords, it’s Neko here again! I will regularly update my blog here, so you will know more about me!

Today I went to Neko cafe in Tokyo. It was my first time going to a cat cafe in Japan! I really like cats, and I was very excited to play with cats today.

I found that cats are really friendly and fun to spend time with, and I hope that my lords will have the same feeling with me, Neko Chan!

Speaking of fun, in this weekend( from Friday to Sunday) our maid cafe is going to have a new event of Kigurumi! I am hoping our lords can come to our new event and support us! I am going to wear my most favourite Character for my Kigurumi costume. If you want to know which costume I am wearing, please come to our cafe this weekend!

At last I will share more cat photos I have taken in the Neko cafe, please enjoy the photos~

猫ちゃん( Neko Chan)



ヘイリーやで〜 あたしもブログにたまに書こうと思っとるわw






明日炬燵から出れるかなぁ( ج_ج )


これから宿題しまーすぅ(´༎ຶ۝༎ຶ) したくないけど…
















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エヴァです!昨日ヴィジュアル系イベントが始まりました!日曜日までなので早く来て下さいね。〜 今日は休みですから、映画館でITを見ました、とてもいいでした。次のシフトは明日ですからまたヴィジュアル系スタイルを着ます。楽しみにしてください!


Good evening my lords and ladies! It’s me, Eva! Yesterday our Visual Kei event started! It’s only until Sunday so please hurry and come.〜 Today is my day off so I went to see the new IT movie earlier today, it was good. My next shift is tomorrow so I will wear Visual Kei style again. Please look forward to it!

If possible, please come today and tomorrow since it’s a limited time special event!(^_^)










Fashion & SugokawaVisual Kei Event 💕

Hello my Lords and Ladies!

Alice here and I am going to blog today! I never really did blogging in my life befor so I am kind of excited to try it!

I would like to tell you something about fashion and my personal style.

I would not consider myself as factionists or highly fashionable since I am not following trends, special brands or images but I would say my taste is pretty decent. Also I don’t force myself to just wear one kind of style. Sometimes I want to be elegant so I am wearing a dress with heels, sometimes I want to feel cool so I do a bad girl look or I am just lazy so I am doing a sporty look. It really depends on my mood what I am wearing. I am a simple person so I like to be minimalistic with my fashion. My favorite combination to wear is highwaisted skinny ripped jeans with a crop top with mininalistic accessories. I really love highwaisted jeans because it shows the curves of your butt in a really nice way. 🍑👖💕

Enough of me let’s continue with the Visual kei Event of Sugokawa.

Well Tokyo is known for being fashionable. You just need to go to Harajuku or Shibuya. Especially Harajuku is famous for Fashion. World wide Harajuku-Fashion is a well known term. So as Visual kei or Visual kei fashion. Well let explain it a little more. Visual kei means “Visual Style” or “Visual System”.

Visual kei is a style created in the mid-1980s by Japanese musicians. The style is characterized by the use of varying levels of make-up, crazy hair styles and creative costumes, often, but not always, coupled with a combination which represent the feminine and masculine aesthetics, which is similar to Western glam rock. Some of the more well-known and influential artists of the style include X Japan, Luna Sea, Versailles, The Gazette, Mejibray, Royz, L\’Arc en Ciel, An Cafe, Malice Mizer, and Diaura.

From the 10th to the 12th of November from

6pm – 11pm you able to see your favorit maids in visual kei style!

We are waiting for you! 😘

Kikki the owl whisperer

Hey my lords,

Kikki here. I will tell you in my blog what I like about Japan and where I have been so far. 

One thing I really like about Japan is the fact you dont need your own pet.  If you want to cuddle an animal and enjoy a cup of delicious hot cocoa you just visit an animal cafe. And so did I. Some month ago I went to the owl cafe in Asakusa. At the entrance I got greated by a baby owl and the fee you pay is only 800 yen for unlimited time of stay plus one free drink you can choose from a vending machine. You are allowed to touch the owls softly with the back of your hand. But there are some “time out zones“ which give the owls a break. 

Besides the owls there are otters, turtles, chinchilla, hedgehogs, sugar glydes and an ice bird ( you are not allowed to touch them) and a desert dog.  

So my Lords, now I need to get ready for the day. I hope to see you soon at Sugoikawaii, so I can show you the rest of the pictures I made at the owl cafe.

See ya (~°3°)~