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I’m back!

Whoo! Alluka here!

It’s been 2 weeks I didn’t write my blog because I went back to my home country 😭

But believe it or not, I missed Japan so so much! That’s why today I went to place that I never been before and explore! Need to get rid of my introvert personality 😌

Guess! Where am I?

Did u find it out yet?


Here’s the answer!

Too bad there’s a limit for us to upload pictures eventho I really wanted to share all the pictures that I took today. But lemme share last cute pic 😁

Okay then! See you guys next week on my blog! Don’t forget to follow my twitter ya~ 💕



Good afternoon, my lord! マイロード、こんにちは!


🎀🌌 Today we decorated the store, because it’s the special time of the year… my favourite season. I have many good memories of my childhood during christmas and I really miss those times. The heavy snow, christmas tree decorated by my grandfather, school holidays, the delicious smell of the cooking my mother and grandmother used to do…🌌🎀

Also I really like the time, because it’s my birthday 🎂. In 2 days (this Saturday) there will be my birthday party 🎉 🍾 at Sugokawa. You are all more than welcome to visit me at the store and celebrate with the other lovely maids and me. 

See you all in 2 days at Sugokawa 💕

Christmas Tree decorated by my mother in Germany

Hello there💖

Hello there! It’s Lily:)

It’s finally December! It’s my favourite time of the year. You can feel the Christmas spirit everywhere! Especially in Japan because in Ukraine. Unfortunately, we don’t celebrate Christmas, but I always wanted to, because it’s such a beautiful celebration. Also I like December because it’s my birthday! My previous birthday wasn’t so good and I stayed alone at home all day so I wanted to celebrate this one with the party. So I would be really really happy, if you guys can come on my birthday celebration at our cafe. We’re gonna have a great party and I’m going to be super happy because no one did something like that for me before, and I would love to see everyone! You don’t have to bring something just come and celebrate beautiful day with us, with me💖thank you❤️❤️

Neko Chan loves animals💓

Hello it’s Neko Chan again 💕💕

Today I am going to introduce things that I love in my life. The first thing I am going to talk about is animals. I really love all kinds of animals, especially the cute ones.

In Hong Kong, I have two dogs as my pet. The one below is called Coconut, because he has brown colour and his head is like a coconut shell. He has been my best friend for nine years and I miss him so much.😭😭🐶

So in my spare time, I always go to places that have animals, like zoo and aquarium. My second most favourite animal is polar bear. I have been to Ueno zoo to see them and they are really adorable! I have taken a selfie with the polar bear🐻 my lords please take a look~

The last animal I am going to talk about is owls. Before I came to Japan, I have never seen owls in my life. It was my first time to see owls, and they are so strange yet cute! I love their amazing eyes 👀 that keep on staring at you!

What kind of animals do my lords like? ☺️Please tell me when u are in Sugoi Kawaii next time! I am looking forward to talk with my lords again. 👍

Neko Chan (猫ちゃん🐱🐈)












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こんばんは〜 ロクシーです🐾

This weekend in Sugoi Kawaii is Disney Event✨

You will be waiting for the beautiful princesses 👑

Today I will be Snow White.

Let’s come in the fairy world of Disney together!



最近ね タマゴは温泉へ行ったやんー🐣






スコカワに来たら 答えあげるよー(´∀`=)


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先日、うみちゃんといっしょに原宿へ行った♡ ビーガンのカップケーキも食べた🍰💗


Hello there, it’s me again💖

Hello there! It’s Lilly🖤

Last Friday I went to Fuji Q Highland. It was completely amazing. Fujisan’s looking wonderful, breathtaking compared to photos. I like extreme jet coasters, so first I went to Eejanaika. I waited about 2,5 hours and it was worth it. It was so scary that I can’t even scream, I just tried to breathe and don’t die. The most interesting thing that you’re going to the top backwards, so you can’t see where is the end. And than it spins your chair upside down and rails go down to the planet Earth. Than I went to Takebisha, it was pretty scary, but not as Eejanaika. I wanted to go to the horror house, but all tickets were sold out 🙁

I didn’t have enough time to try all of these crazy attractions, but next time I’m gonna buy a fast pass and try them all!

Neko’s trip to Kamakura!

Hello my lords. It’s Neko Chan here again.(*´꒳`*)

Neko x Neko statue photo⬇️⬇️⬇️

Last week it was my University’s holiday, so I went to Kamakura for a one day trip. It took me around 1.5 hour by train to get there. I really recommend my lords to go there for a short trip! It was really nice!!

I strongly recommend to see the Buddha there. Even though we have the same Buddha in Hong Kong, Japan’s Buddha is more interesting, since we can go inside the Buddha to explore!

As Neko Chan is a foodie( food lover), I kept on buying loads of local food in Kamakura. My most favourite food is the sugar coated with Strawberry snack! It was my first time of buying this snack, and it was really delicious, my lords must try it next time!

Hope my lords had a fun weekend! I am looking forward to seeing my lords soon in Sugoi Kawaii Cafe 💕💕

Neko Chan (猫ちゃん🐈🐱)

Ninja Event

Cosplay is actually another my “waste of money” hobby, in my point of view, but in return it brought me a lot of experiences and friends, so I am more happy than regret to start cosplaying and wasting money making my costume and stuffs.

I was really looking forward for this event, so that I can wear one of my favourable ninja costume, however, I think I was unlucky this November because I was unable to come to both days of the event.

But I think that is not a big deal though. I hope everyone enjoy the event and wish you all a happy weekend 🙂

(The below photo is me testing make-up of Uchiha Sarada – I didn’t wear the headband so it wasn’t look the same. But if I came to the cafe today, this would be how I look like :”> )










てかタマゴ寝不足だ 笑




久しぶり( *´︶`*)




忍者パーティーするからめちゃ楽しみだにゃ( *´︶`*)


(English) 「のミアの日記」川崎店 あなたのウェアハウスへ行った!

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 アメリカ英語 のみです。

Introducing Hong Kong’s food in Japan

Hello my lords it’s Neko Chan here again. I am going to introduce my most favourite Hong Kong food that I can found in Japan.

On Monday, I went to Eibisu to celebrate my Hong Kong’s friend birthday. We have eaten dim sum for lunch! It was really delicious and I wanted to go back to have some more again!

Among all of the dim sum, my most favourite one is called shrimp dumpling( ha cao), because I love seafood and shrimp especially. The shrimp inside matched with the steam coating perfectly, so I really love to eat it.

Actually Neko Chan is a foodie😋😋, and I really love eating various kind of food. Our cafe’s food is also very delicious, our lords can try our food next time! In this weekend, from Saturday and Sunday, it’s Ninja event in our cafe! Our lords please come to see us💕

Neko Chan( 猫ちゃん🐱)

Hello from Yokohama🌃

Hello again!

This Sunday I and Roxy went to Yokohama. It’s was amazing, very beautiful place! First we went to Cosmo World, cause I wanted to ride the “Vanish” roller coaster, (I love roller coasters😍).

Roxy was too scared, but for me it wasn’t scary at all :(, I need more extreme🤟🏻

Than we’ve been to Cup Noodles museum and made our own cup noodles, yay. We saw a giant cruise ship, that was looking like a Titanic near Red Brick Warehouse.

Roxy said that China town is a really great place, so we went there to eat something from Chinese cuisine. And she was right, that place was awesome, especially in the night time. Neon signs – that’s my passion🌃

I hope I’ll get there on Chinese New Year celebrations❤️


Whooooo! Alluka here 💕



you know, the good things living in sharehouse, my owner just own Shiba Inu! Whoever living in there can freely playing around with him 😆

I had a lot of dogs back in my country since I was breeder before. Isn’t that mean I’m a dog person? 🙊

ところで、I’m becoming more happier when I able to touch or pet a dog. It’s called stress relieve things especially when u can “steal” him for 1 or 2 hours and sleep together lolol *beware of me with no make up*

メチャ可愛いじゃん!この写真大切にしないといけないわー! 😍😍😍

And today is the last day of 着ぐるみ event which I decided to be the cutest Shiba Inu!

I would like to say Thank you so so much for my customer who always come for me, support me, give me お土産, and feel happy to talk with me.

本当にありがとうございます。メチャ感謝してますよー 😭

ありがとう ありがとう ありがとう!!