Coming Soon!!

Of the GAIJIN! By the GAIJIN!! For the GAIJIN!!!
In Akihabara in Tokyo, we will open the GAIJIN MAID CAFE.
Its name is… “Sugoi*Kawaii”!!

“Sugoi*Kawaii” is first maid cafe which Multinational Gaijin Maid serves the customer, in Japan.

Foreign tourists visiting AKIHABARA are visiting “AKIHABARA Culture” Maid Cafe.

But the original “Moe” is not transmitted well, because the Japanese maids are serving foreign customers.

In “Sugoi*Kawaii”, Gaijin Maids familiar with “Moe Culture” are served, so even foreigners can fully enjoy “Moe Culture”!!

Please wait our X-Day!!

X-Day is … mid-June, 2017!!