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(日本語) 3.24(土)キッキ卒業イベント

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(日本語) 3.17 ヘイリー誕生祭

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(日本語) 3.3アルカのトロピカル誕生祭

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(日本語) 2.27ナナ卒業イベント開催

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Hello there!

Hello there!

It’s been a long time 😅

Can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

(Already started making chocolate💕💕)

This month we gonna have another awesome celebration-Maslenitsa! It’s an old Russian-Ukrainian holiday, on which usually we make crepes (European pancakes). We make them with different toppings such as honey, jam, sour cream, considered milk, even with meat🌝

Usually, in my family grandma does them every day during this holidays, but this year I’m gonna make them by myself with her recipe! Can’t wait to see you guys, please come and try them!❤️

(日本語) マースレニツァ in 2/23~24

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Dear Lords and Ladys,

Today I visited the Ghibli Museum again. I told you I couldn’t visit the cafe last time, but today I could. It was sooo delicious, but now I’m full (~°3°)~. 

Hot cocoa 😍

Kikis cake ❤

I also bought something…guess which character is on there 😄…

Jiji pen 😍

Have a nice evening and see you soon at Sugokawa 💕

(日本語) スゴカワ☆バレンタインナイト

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(日本語) 最近のエヴァちゃんニュース

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(日本語) 居酒屋

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Roxie’s birthday 🐈


私の誕生日は素晴らしい一日でした、来てくれた皆さんありがとう( ^ω^ )

Love you all 🐾

こんにちは( ^ω^ )






Kikki found her Jiji :3

Hello my Lords and Ladys,

I went to a cat cafe in Takadanobaba. It was so cute and nice, but the best thing was, I found my companion Jiji. 

Unfortunately I was not allowed to take him with me home 😒…but nevermind…I will visit him soon again for sure.
Have a nice day and see you today at the store. 💕


来週は私の誕生日があります。26歳になります (*^ω^*)


1月13日、スゴカワに来てくださいね、待ってます ♥️

(日本語) Relearning German

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Alice always busy

Happy New year my Lords and Ladies 💕


I hope you had a nice start in the new year and I wish you just the best for 2018.

At the Moment I have to apply for universities and I am really busy with writing a Motivation Letter. I am not really good in doing something like that. And my Deadline is on the 15th this month.😱😱😱

See you always from 18:00~23:00 at Sugokawa 🎉



I wish happy for everyone in New Year 💙

Happy New Year🍾️🎉🐱


Happy New Year my Lords and My Maids!

Its Neko Chan here again! I wish all of you the very best in 2018~ Hope you all have healthy bodies and can enjoy new year!

Neko Chan went to Asakusa on 1st of January to visit the shrine. There were a lot of people and I had to queue up for the shrine for 1.5 hour! It was tough, but I finally made it and did the blessing for my new year~

I also went to rent a kimono, it was my first time wearing Kimono in Japan! It was really a fun experience for me~

How do my lords think about my look in Kimono? How did my lords celebrate new year? Please tell me next time when I am in the cafe! Hope to see you all soon!

Once again, Happy New Year!

Neko Chan( 猫ちゃん🐱🐈)

2018 is coming

Hey my Lords and Ladies 💕

Alice here ✌

It’s the end of the year and you all know what that means 😂

Why do people always say at the end of the year that it was shit? I just can image that people are not satisfied with their desicions and that’s why they decide to change themselfs into something new.

If somebody have an answer please tell me because I have no idea why that happens every year.

Well in my case 2017 was by far the best year I EVER had. I would not change anything at all.

Since I was a child it was always a dream to me to come to Japan and I am really thankful to live this dream✨

I made so many great memories and met so many good friends here and I meet every day when I am working more awesome people. I can’t be happier!💕

I want to say thank you to all my coworkers, managers, friends and especially to my customers who made my 2017 the best year in my whole life!

Thank you so much for everything!

I wish just the best for you and we will see eachother next year ✌